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Michael Bo Jensen

Independent artist and illustrator working from a studio in central Copenhagen.

Grew up on the country side near the forest and the sea. Mom made cigars and dad was a typographer, hence visual influence came early on from home. Mid-nineties street culture and proximity to nature also became important sources for my creative development.

Today I do visual storytelling through thorough craftmanship and contemporary imagery. Recently I created a series of martitime illustrations for “The Dream Ship”, at M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, which was also nominated for a Danish Design Award 2020 in the category Better Learning.

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Reach out
+45 6077 4446

Some clients I worked with
Egmont / Lindhardt & Ringhoff
Le Bureau
Danish Workers Museum
Gerlev Sports Academy
Kurhotel Skodsborg
M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark
Stupid Studio
Copenhagen Metro - Byens Hegn
Kenneth Balfelt
Distortion Festival
Trailerpark Festival

Exhibitions & Shows
THE LAST / Group exhibition, Atelier Broken Leg, Frederiksberg. 2017
CANVASCOOLER, Group exhibition, Inkonst, Malmö. 2015
SOUNDCLOUD / Installation, Trailerpark Festival, Copenhagen V. 2012
ORGANIC BEHAVIOR / Solo exhibition, Darlings Artbar, Copenhagen V. 2011
VOODOO ART / Group exhibition, Frederiksberg Kunstmesse. 2009
HOUSE ROBOTS / Group exhibition, Nadsat, Copenhagen C. 2009
PACHANGA / Group exhibition, Råhuset, Copenhagen V. 2008
STRINGS ATTACHED / Solo exhibition, Studenterhuset, Nykøbing Falster. 2007
UNFAIR / Group exhibition, Copenhagen V. 2006

NORDKAPEREN / Mural, Byens Hegn, Fisketorvet, Copenhagen V. 2019
TACO VIDA, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, 2018
DRØMMESKIBET / Illustration, The Dream Sip, M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark. 2018
ANIMALIA DANIA I / Mural, Copenhagen Ø. 2016
SNEGLZILLA / Mural, Copenhagen. 2015
NORSE CHAMELEON / Mural, Kenneth A. Balfelt Team, Under Højbanen, Vejle. 2015
ARCTIC HEART /  Mural, Copenhagen Ø. 2014
URBAN BUZZ / Mural, Copenhagen V. 2014
WEST END / Mural, Copenhagen V. 2013
FEUDENTAUMMEL / Mural & Installation, PB43, Copenhagen S.2013
URBAN LIVING TREES I-III / Mural, Copenhagen Ø. 2012
WILD AT WESTEND / Mural, Copenhagen V. 2011
YOUR TIME / Mural, Distortion Festival, Copenhagen. 2010
SKOLEN VED SØERNE / Mural, Frederiksberg. 2008
CROCODILE ZOO / Mural, Eskildstrup. 2008
X-HALL SKATEPARK / Mural, Copenhagen N. 2007
BOTANIC WINDOW / Mural, Studenterhuset, Nykøbing Falster. 2005
KULTURFABRIKKEN / Mural, Nykøbing Falster. 2005

Experience & Education
Artist, Michael Bo Studio, 2017 - Today
Founder & Creative Director, Colorups, 2006 - Today
Graphic Designer & Project Manager, Exponent, Copenhagen, 2008 - 2017
Apprenticeship, Sign Painter, PVM / TEC Copenhagen, 2003 - 2008
BA illustration, College of Arts, Nykøbing Falster, 2001 - 2003

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