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I was asked by Kenneth Balfelt Team and Vejle municipal to paint a mural for the local users at “Under Højbanen” in Vejle. The place works as a safe space for social vulnerable people.

The inscription is old runes from the local Jelling Stone, a local cultural enheritage, which connected the dayli users despite many differencies, since they all shared respect for their common ancestor, an old Danish king, King Harald Bluetooth.

Around the year 965 King Harald Bluetooth erected the large rune stone in Jelling. The stone was raised in memory of King Harald’s parents, Gorm and Thyra. The inscription on the stone also gives an account of Harald’s achievements. He unified Denmark and made the Danes Christian. On one side of the stone Christ can be seen and on the other an animal with a snake coiled around it. The image of Christ is the oldest example from Scandinavia.

Vejle, Denmark 2015

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